danville high school

DANVILLE, Ill. (WAND) - The Danville school district is considering spending close to $2 million to upgrade some of its old buildings. 

The News Gazette reports the list of items that need addressing could change by the end of September. That is when the school board will adopt a budget.

Board members looked over the  list of buildings and grounds in need of funding and upgrades before voting to put the preliminary budget on display.

One of the top items on the list is a new HVAC system for Mellen Natorium at Danville High School. The price tag for that is $650,000.

The current system was installed when the facility was built in 1991, the News Gazette reports.

The paper reports other projects in the preliminary budget include:

  • Expanding the parking lot at the Fields Administrative Center
  • Replacing the roof over Edison Elementary's gym
  • Finishing the roof replacement on Danville High's 1972 addition
  • Fixing and painting the high school gym ceiling and walls
  • Stone and tuck-pointing at the DHS clock tower building and fieldhouse
  • Fixing water lines at the high school that were not replaced during this summer's restroom remodel
  • Tuckpointing areas of Meade Park Elementary

There is also a long list of additional needs and repairs that are not on the list, but may end up being addressed in the final budget.