DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - A peaceful justice march planned in Decatur will focus on the need for education reform. 

Live 4 Justice founder Jacob Jenkins told WAND-TV the organization's third planned march is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Tuesday and will begin at the Decatur Civil Center. The group plans to go outside of the Decatur Public Schools board of education and peacefully demand change as it relates to a school-to-prison pipeline and the experience of Black students.

"What we're saying is that our district does not have enough Black teachers, as well as, the curriculum in itself ... it doesn't have a robust, Black education," Jenkins said. 

Tuesday's event will also feature a tribute to the number of African-Americans killed by law enforcement. 

The Live 4 Justice series of marches have an encompassing message against police brutality, racism and other issues related to Black Lives Matter in Decatur, Jenkins said. 

According to Jenkins, the organization has a platform of police accountability. It wants divestment from law enforcement, a citizens' review board, the reversal of Decatur's city ordinance about cannabis and a ban on all chokeholds. He said the ordinance must be changed because it leads to more contact with communities of color. 

Jenkins had a message for Decatur Mayor Julie Moore Wolfe, City Manager Scot Wrighton and Police Chief James Getz. 

"We don't plan on going anywhere," he said. "Decatur is joining in on a national movement for black lives and the respectability of that and knowing that all black lives have value. In doing that, we will continue to be in the streets." 

Jenkins gave credit to the mayor for taking the time to meet with the youth. He said he's looking forward to more meetings and possible funding opportunities.

Click here for more information about Tuesday's event.

Decatur Public Schools have not returned a request for comment from WAND-TV.

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