DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Cameras to capture license plates are being installed in the city of Decatur. 

City council members say the readers are meant to curb crime. 
"We need to find ways to solve the increasing number of shootings that were in Decatur and to get the shooters in jail, and that will make our streets in our neighborhood safer," said David Horn, Decatur city council member. 
Some say cameras in high crime neighborhoods invade the privacy of those communities.
"We see these cameras be put in place without any sort of sense of what the privacy policies are going to be up front," Ed Yohnka, ACLU Illinois communications director, tells WAND News. Yet Decatur resident Jessie R. Bates said privacy is a small price to pay for a safer neighborhood. 
"Yes, we will have to give up some privacy but they can possibly now get information that they would need for solving crimes," Bates said. 
The cameras would be placed in high crime neighborhoods - something Yohnka said is an unfair target.
"I think high crime becomes a substitute for our Black and Brown communities. The problem is that then you're just using another device to over-police and target those communities," Yohnka said. 
Bates said the cameras hold the power between life and death for community members and can stop shooters right in their tracks.
"They know they're being watched," Bates said. "The possibility of somebody getting the license plates that would lead to them, and I think they may think twice about that." 
Community members are reminded, when you see something, say something, but for those who don't say anything, council member David Horn said cameras will always be there to speak.
"Cameras, they see something, and they say something, and that will protect public safety, it will solve crimes... that is going to be critical as we focus on neighborhood revitalization in the future," Horn said.

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