Decatur remembrance ceremony honors Vietnam vets

Several decades ago thousands of men and women lost their lives fighting in the Vietnam War.  Councilman and Vietnam veteran Patrick McDaniel said 46 of them were from Macon County. In fact, several of his friends who he grew up with and went to school with in Decatur died in Vietnam.  Saturday Decatur remembered the lives of those lost and the veterans. 

"It was a sad time for us to come home after we did our duty," McDaniel said.  "It's just one more step to kind of shine the light on not only the Vietnam War and what went on but also the young soldiers men and women who took part in the war."

It was an afternoon filled with hugs and stories. Hundreds of people showed up to support veterans outside the Decatur Public Library. A first time event of this scale for the library.

"Vietnam, that war is really important and it's up to us to remember it and say thank you to those who served," said Rhalo Thomas of the Decatur Public Library.  "Do it now before they're gone because you won't have that chance once they're gone."

Guests paid their respects and observed the traveling exhibit of the Memorial Wall. Also part of the day's events: a flag raising and wreath laying ceremony. The ceremony ended a month-long look at the Vietnam era.