DPS eyes teaching assistant layoffs, reorganization

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Decatur school board members are asking for a new budget breakdown for the district's facilities plan.

Renovations are now slated to cost more than expected and more than board members had agreed to spend.

A miscommunication led to the board getting a plan that did not include the cost of internal labor.

Board members approved spending $500,000 in renovations for Stephen Decatur Middle School. 

Students who used to go to Thomas Jefferson Middle School are supposed to go there in August.

The cost of that facility is now expected to be about $300,000 more than the initial estimate.

That work is part of the first phase of the district's facilities plan.

The number of buildings would be reduced from 22 to 17 and add air conditioning to all buildings.

The total cost of the plan is supposed to be around $55 million, but board members are now questioning whether that total is accurate.

Board members also want the district to apply for more grants and try and get private donors to help cover the cost of construction.

The board wants a more detailed budget for the construction plans.