Decatur Volunteers

DECATUR, Ill (WAND) - Picking up litter was supposed to be a one-and-done event for Reed Sutman. However, he was inspired to do more. It changed after he met Daniel Ray, an advocate for neighborhood cleaning. 

'It kind of warms my heart," Sutman said. "It's nice to see that there are people other than me who care about how good Decatur is." 

Once a month, a few volunteers from the Salvation Army show up to lend a hand. Each individual wears a vest, while carrying a trash bag and an object to pick up litter. Daniel Ray said people appreciate it when there's an effort to beautify the city.  

"People seeing you work for the community gives you a sense that 'this is my home'," Ray said. 

Volunteers have been paying it forward for a few months. Sutman said they would show up to where ever people believe Decatur could use some attention. It's their way of inspiring others to pick up a trash bag themselves.