Del's Popcorn Shop Damaged by Fire

DECATUR - During the early morning hours of Friday, fire crews were dispatched to extinguish an alley fire that spread to the electrical system and back storage room of one of downtown Decatur's main staples.

According to fire officials, Del's Popcorn Shop's inventory was smoke damaged, and the store sustained structural damage estimated at $40,000.  Officials also say several other businesses and apartments sustained smoke damage.

The fire struck the business at an inopportune time, as Del's Popcorn Shop sees an increase in orders during holidays, such as Easter.  Unfortunately, the store's entire inventory must be thrown out due to the fire.

Del's Popcorn Shop's owner, Kemper Wilcutt II, said, " I hate that everybody is not going to get their popcorn bunnies for Easter...happening right before Easter makes it hurt a little bit more.  We'll get back open as quickly as we can, and get back to serving you."

Fire officials say the cause of this fire is still under investigation.  We will provide more updates as they become available.