Dustin R. Hassler

Dustin R. Hassler, 23 

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - A man wanted on a warrant pushed a court officer and ran to escape arrest, deputies said. 

Sworn statements said Dustin R. Hassler, 23, was in the Macon County Courthouse on Thursday for a hearing. When a court officer approached him and said he was wanted to a Macon County warrant for failure to appear after driving while his license was suspended, deputies said Hassler shoved the officer and ran from the courtroom. 

The officer tried to use a stun gun on Hassler, deputies said, but it didn't make contact and he was able to leave the room. The officer then notified other law enforcement about what was happening over the radio. 

Another court officer ran after Hassler after seeing him leave the courthouse at the west side entrance door, according to statements. The documents said deputies caught up with him after he ran to his father's black Chevrolet truck. 

Hassler told deputies he was confused after the court officer confronted him and was scared of going to jail. Law enforcement arrested him on the above warrant and on charges of aggravated battery to an officer and resisting arrest. 

Hassler's bail is set at $25,000 in Macon County. He's scheduled to be released from custody on Oct. 18, according to county inmate records.