DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – A third suspect accused of involvement in sending meth-laced coloring book pages to a Macon County inmate is behind bars.

Investigators say Shannon J. Ward, 38, was involved in sending her brother, Damien Mcclure, the pages earlier in 2019. Mcclure is accused of selling pieces of those pages to other inmates in the county jail, who allegedly would pay him by sending money to his inmate commissary account through the jail’s “gift card system”.

Sworn statements say Mcclure could be heard in a March 23 jail phone call telling Ward he “needs some mail, if you get my drift”, then adding he was low on money in his account and asking her to “do that again”. On March 24, officers say Ward told Mcclure someone had put money into her account so that it could go to him. They say Ward also told him to expect mail with the name “Sharon Peters” on it.

That mail contained a coloring book page piece and was seized by investigators when it arrived on March 28, statements say, before it tested positive for meth. Investigators say another letter addressed to “Unkle Damo” was seized on April 8.

Mcclure’s niece, 22-year-old Rebecca Arndt, and 46-year-old Tammy L. Leigh were both previously arrested as part of the investigation and released after posting bond. Both of them and Ward were charged with calculated criminal drug conspiracy and possessing contraband in a penal institution. Ward is charged with meth possession, while Arndt faces a meth manufacturing count. 

Leigh pleaded guilty to the possession charge on May 23 and is serving 24 months of probation.

Investigators issued an arrest warrant for Arndt on Monday after they say she failed to show up for a Macon County Circuit Court hearing.