Jose Puebla

Photo: Coles County Sheriff's Office 

COLES COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) - A wanted Humboldt man was found hiding under insulation in an attic when authorities served a search warrant Thursday, deputies said. 

The Coles County Sheriff's Office said it, along with the Coles County Crisis Response Team (CRT), helped the Champaign County Sheriff's Office in executing a search warrant Wednesday at 406 Adams St. in Humboldt. They said Jose Puebla had three active warrants out for his arrest and was possibly armed and in possession of stolen property. 

Because of Puebla's extensive criminal history and the seriousness of his pending cases, authorities with the Coles County Crisis Response Team conducted a "contain and call out," per a press release. They unsuccessfully tried over a period of about three hours to use many techniques to gain the suspect's compliance. 

The team then made forced entry into the home as a final resort, the release said, and eventually breached part of the ceiling. They said Puebla was then discovered in the attic and was arrested at about 2 a.m. Thursday. 

Authorities said they found a stolen vehicle and loaded 20 gauge shotgun. 

Puebla is held in Coles County custody on three warrants, along with new charges of possession of a stolen motor vehicle and unlawful possession of a firearm/ammunition. 

The current investigation is led by the Champaign County Sheriff's Office. Other assisting agencies included the Charleston Police Department, Mattoon Police Department and the East Central Illinois Task Force. 

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