CLINTON, Ill (WAND) - The C.H. Moore Homestead and DeWitt County Museum reopened Saturday after being closed since December 2019. 

"The community has been very supportive of the museum throughout this entire process...we've had donations sent to us, you know, 'here's a little check' realizing, you know, that the museum, you know, isn't able to be open this year, or how the festival, they've been very supportive", said Joey Long, Museum Director.

They've had to really think outside the box for the past year, and they're looking forward to showing off a new feature at the museum.

"One really neat thing that came out of that is for the first time, we are introducing QR codes," said Long.

It's always been a self guided tour, but this will offer more information, context, and special facts.

"Including maybe some secrets", Long said.

The American Alliance of Museums says one third of all museums are at risk of not reopening after the pandemic, especially small privately owned ones, and DeWitt County considers themselves lucky.

"We didn't want to diminish the experience that you get when you come into our [museum] in fact, I feel that with the changes that we've made, we've actually enhanced it", Long said. 

Safety protocols are firmly in place for safe museum visiting.

"Even if someone was leery of coming indoors, the museum actually encompasses 10 acres. So when you come, the tour includes the tour of the mansion, but also the original carriage barn. And then down below we have three large buildings full of exhibits of items..." said Long.

They're ready for visitors!

"We're hoping that everyone will come and see us sometime this summer and enjoy visit here at the museum", Long said.

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