hot summer sun

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) — When the hot sun beats down on central Illinois, there are some burns sunscreen can't protect against.

Doctors and first responders are warning parents of the dangers of scalding water sitting in garden hoses and other surfaces like car door handles that pose a burn risk.

"We're very cognizant of how hot it is as soon as we walk outside," said Dr. Phil Barnell, an emergency physician with HSHS St. Mary's Hospital. "We often expect in our hurry for things to be their normal temperature and forget they have been sitting in that heat and warming up for hours."

The best practice is to eliminate any skin to hot surface contact and then run the wound under cold water if necessary. Doctors say to NOT use ice due to the potential of additional injury.

Water in garden hoses left in the sun, door handles, slides and other plastic and metal surfaces are particularly vulnerable to heating to dangerous temperatures.

An Arizona baby sustained major burns in 2016 after his mother spray him with water heated inside a garden hose.

First responders recommend letting the hose run for a few minutes before letting kids or pets play in the water.