Trial set for man accused of killing another over electronics

Maroa - The man accused of the beating and stabbing death of 23-year-old Justin Mentzer plead guilty.

Douglas Taylor,22, plead guilty to the murder of Justin Mentzer. Mentzer was stabbed and beaten in his mobile home, in Maple Tree Mobile Home Park. According to Taylor's sworn statement, Taylor and his accomplice Terris Warnsely, 21, planned on killing Mentzer for about three weeks, so they could steal a Playstation 3 and a laptop computer. 

Police located several items linking Taylor to the crime.  

Police said, Taylor and Warnsely planned on selling the electronics in Decatur, for money.

Taylor will spend 20 years to life, when he is sentenced later this year. Warnsely is still in jail, facing charges for murder. He is set to appear in court on May 12, for his jury trial.