Police lights

SANGAMON COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) – Deputies made dozens of traffic stops in an effort to crack down on Scott’s Law violations.

The Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office says recent tragedies on the road, including four deaths of law enforcement officers in 2019, led to a public awareness campaign created by the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association. Deputies also heard from towing companies that assist them about close calls seen while tow trucks assisted broken down vehicles.

Scott’s Law requires drivers to slow down when approaching an emergency vehicle on the side of the road and change lanes away from that vehicle if possible.

Deputies partnered with a towing company and watched drivers pass by a tow truck with lights flashing on the side of Veteran’s Parkway and north of Jefferson Street. They watched for several hours in the morning and evening on Sunday.

In the traffic detail, there were 27 traffic stops, 16 citations and 11 warnings. Each violator must appear and court.