WAND-TV Elections
3/4/2021 7:40:45 AM
DecaturCity Council (6 move on)100% Reporting
David Horn1,49917%
Ed Culp1,48317%
Chuck Kuhle1,35915%
Marty Watkins1,31815%
Will Wetzel87410%
Jacob Jenkins7719%
John Phillips7028%
Elijah England3144%
Aldophis Cooper2773%
Marc 'Guillotine Guy' Girdler2172%
Hardick Shah1291%
LincolnMayor (R)100% Reporting
Tracy Welch34084%
Stephan Mesner6416%
LincolnAlderman Ward 4100% Reporting
Richard Hoefle9054%
Jeff Hoinacki7846%
JacksonvilleMayor100% Reporting
Harry 'Andy' Ezard78486%
Nicole Riley11212%
Jason Timothy Stansfield152%
UrbanaMayor (D)100% Reporting
Diane Wolfe Marlin1,46574%
Dennis Roberts33717%
Yinxi 'Andy' Ma1889%
UrbanaCity Clerk (D)100% Reporting
Phyllis Clark1,29065%
Titianna Ammons69435%
UrbanaAlderman Ward 1 (D)100% Reporting
Maryalice Wu18583%
Jake Fava3717%
UrbanaAlderman Ward 2100% Reporting
Christoper Evans6048%
Erik Sacks3931%
Christopher Hansen2621%
UrbanaAlderman Ward 3 (D)100% Reporting
Shirese Hursey8267%
Deborah Liu4133%
UrbanaAlderman Ward 5 (D)100% Reporting
Chaundra Bishop22971%
Meghan McDonald9329%
UrbanaAlderman Ward 7 (D)100% Reporting
James Quisenberry31863%
Jared Miller18837%
ChampaignTownship Supervisor (D)100% Reporting
Andrew Quarnstrom1,02761%
Rita Conerly64939%

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