HERRICK, Ill. (WAND) — In Scott Waterman's world, he's always doing it live.

"I've always been crafty pretty much my whole live," he said.

Waterman crafts his masterpieces in front of thousands of watchers on Facebook Live, often learning as he goes.

"I have an army of followers," Waterman said. "My husband [is also] a huge supporter."

This Christmas, he brought his crafting work home to Herrick.

"It's home," he said. "I come home for Christmas. I come home for the holidays."

Christmas may be the season of crafting, but it's also the season of giving. That's where Waterman's work truly shines. He auctions off many of his pieces to benefit local charities — including the Herrick Food Pantry.

"My followers are unbelievable," Waterman said. "They're the ones that step up...It's very heartwarming. They've blessed me. They've blessed this town."

Waterman now lives in Collinsville, Ill. near St. Louis. But Herrick is still his home in his heart.

When a nearby food pantry closed and sent its families to Herrick's, Waterman stepped up to help meet the increased demand. His craft auctions raised more than $6000 — more than doubling the yearly budget of the Herrick Food Pantry.

"I call him our guardian angel, our Christmas angel," said pantry co-chair Marilyn Bruns.

Waterman's donations will provide Christmas meals to 55 families — bringing tears to the eyes of those who have made this small town their life's work.

"It makes me very proud," said Herrick mayor (and Scott's mother) Debbie Allen. "I'm always proud of him anyway but this just elevates it."

A crafty Christmas homecoming, all in the spirit of central Illinois.

"It's doesn't matter where you live," Waterman said. "When you come home, it's just a different feeling."

To see some of Waterman's work, check out his website and Facebook page.

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