HILLSBORO, Ill. (WAND) - It's been one year since Michael Schmidt went missing while arrowhead hunting. Now, 365 days later, his family is speaking out to keep his memory alive.

His wife, Tina Schmidt, says the hardest part is knowing Michael's remains are still out there somewhere.

"Every single day I get up, that's the first thing on my mind," Schmidt said. "Am I going to get a phone call, will they find his remains?"

Schmidt says it's important to her to have people remember Michael.

"He was somebody to us," Schmidt said. "Our wedding anniversary was May 19. We would've been married 39 years."

Over the past year, countless search teams have turned up empty-handed, but the Sangamon County Sheriff's Office is still looking for answers.

Sheriff Jack Campbell says this is a really unique case that is very uncommon.

"We have searched the area many times, including this last April," Campbell said.

Although it's been a rough year for the Schmidt family, Tina says she knows Michael is at peace.

"I feel it in my heart that he's at peace," Schmidt said. "I know he's in heaven."

Sheriff Campbell says if anyone has any information on the disappearance of Michael Schmidt, they should call the sheriff's office at 217-753-6666.