Family of murdered Andrea Pocklington seeks help from community
SPRINGFIELD -- Andrea Pocklington was one of two murder victims on New Year's Eve in her North 9th Street home in Springfield. She was pregnant, and  mother of three. If you were to ask her aunt Bridget Young, she would have given you the last five dollars to her name.

"I can't even describe... I just wanted to hold her, I just wanted to hold her, and tell her that I loved her and that it's okay and that she's not alone," said Young.

She was the first family member on the scene that tragic day.

"I mean it's just devastating," she added.

Andrea's three surviving children now live with their grandmother Kristen Martin in Carlinville. She has children of her own in her small home, and she's struggling to keep the family together.

"I don't know which way to turn or what I need to do and how to get it done. I'm trying to maintain as much as I can, I'm trying to be strong for not only my children but for her children to," said Martin.

Andrea's oldest child has advanced cerebral palsy, and needs special attention.

"We take it day by day, and do what we have to do as far as taking care of her," said Martin.

On top of  that, the cost of providing a funeral ceremony, is adding  more stress for the family.

If you want to help out with Andrea Pocklington's funeral and living expenses for the children, a fund is set up at Springfield Marine Bank, with locations in both Springfield and Chatham.