DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) - As farmland in Illinois is passed from generation to generation, so did friendships among farm families.

"It's a real blessing to have them and we're all better off to know each other and go through trials in life together," local farmer Brent Reed shared.

The most recent trial to face farmer Brent Reed was his mom, Linda, falling terribly ill.

"She had some very severe difficulties," Reed shared. "Her body shut down, and so for about three weeks here harvest has been on delay for us."

But this week, it's getting back on track for Brent and his father Roger. Around 300 acres of farmland is being taken head-on thanks to the generosity of around 20 other area farmers.

"Everybody that's helping us today, they're not even close to being finished. Some people have 500, 700 acres, and they've stopped their work to come out here today to help us and that means a lot," Reed explained.

Ted Shearer has known the Reed family his whole life. He's been on the receiving end of help like this since back in 1985, when he fell ill. Friends stepped up to help him get his crop in the field.

"That's the last thing they need to be worrying about is this crop because they have so much more that they're concerned about in the back of their mind," Shearer said.

Besides Thursday's field work, Shearer has prayed with the family and helped lift their faith as Linda was on life support and things looked bleak.

"We just have to give God the glory for this, and the doctors and nurses sure wouldn't argue about this, the way things have turned out for the family," he said.

Linda is making a miraculous recovery and started physical therapy the day of the mass harvest. Thanks to the miracle of every day kindness, the Reed's crop is being recovered, too.

ADM got wind that several local farmers were stepping up for this effort. They donated food for the farmers' loved ones to prepare and bring to them while they were working in the fields.

The entire Reed family wants to extend a huge thanks to everyone who played a role in helping with the harvest. Brent said he's thankful for everyone's generosity, as he's been able to focus more on spending time with his mom and dad as they've gone through this health crisis.

"I've taken so many phone calls from my mom for granted, and when she was not able to talk or move or anything, what I wouldn't have given to get one of those phone calls," he said.

Brent shared that the incident has really helped put things into perspective, and he encourages others to focus on family and the important things in life.