The Western Lakes fire department posted this picture of a burned-out car door as it warned about the dangers of leaving hand sanitizer in vehicles on a hot days. (Source: Western Lakes Fire Dept. via Facebook)

(WAND) - Fire departments are warning drivers not to store hand sanitizer bottles in their vehicles. 

A fire department in Wisconsin said, clear bottles, such as water bottles or hand sanitizer bottles could cause the sun to magnify through the bottle. 

The sun coming through the bottles, if exposed to an open flame such as while smoking, could cause a fire. 

Hand sanitizers are usually alcohol based and therefor more flammable. According to the National Fire Protection Association, hand sanitizer has a flash point of 63 degrees. Meaning it would only take a flame from a lighter to ignite a fire with the product. 

The association released a video to explain how leaving the product in a car can lead to disaster. 

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