Fire truck flips on way to Nokomis fire; 3 injured

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) – Firefighters needed medical treatment after a fire truck flipped while on the way to a fire.

Crews say it happened just before 9 a.m. Friday, when Pana firefighters left to help respond to Borgic Sow Farm outside of Nokomis. As they approached 13th Road from 19007 East in Montgomery County, a firefighter reported the truck jerked to the right.

The truck ended up going off the road on the north side and entering a deep ditch, where fire crews say it flipped on its passenger side. Firefighters inside, who had seat belts on, kicked out the front windshield in order to crawl out.

Firefighters say the driver had trouble keeping control of the fire truck after it made the jerking movement.

All three firefighters in the truck went to Pana Community Hospital with minor injuries.

“Chief Bland said he believes the good job by his driver, the fact that the guys had their seat belts on and the protective hand of God contributed to the only minor injuries,” Pana firefighters said in an email to area media.

Rose City Towing from Pana removed the fire truck from the ditch.