monticello school demolition

MONTICELLO, Ill. (WAND) — For Ron Weiscope and his sister Kathy Weiscope Dawson, each step connects them to a simpler time.

"We come here day after day for eight years," Weiscope said. "There's no way we can forget the memories of this school and the great teachers we had."

Weiscope attended the school from 1947 to 1955. His sister followed in his footsteps from 1951 to 1959.

Those memories will come down this summer. The Old Washington School, built in 1894, is slated for demolition as part of the Monticello School Disitrict's restructuring plan.

"The missing piece for Monticello was we have some very, very old buildings," said superintendent Vic Zimmerman. "They aren't up to the 21st century. There's not enough outlets. Plaster is falling down [and there's] no air conditioning."

But for Monday night, the doors were open to all.

And even if the names and faces have changed, the memories left by more than a century of learning continue to live on.

"I totally never thought I'd outlive it; I thought it would outlive me," Weiscope Dawson said. "This is home because of all of the time we spent here and loved being here."