(WAND) - With Illinois under a stay-at-home order from Governor Pritzker, residents are finding new ways to stay connected, using the internet and social media.

A group called Decatur Gamers normally meets for open game night once a month, playing traditional board games, as well as role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, but in this time of social distancing, the group is moving their game-playing online.

"COVID-19's really changed a lot of stuff, hasn't it?," says Steve Sanders, Decatur Gamers. "We're getting more creative in our uses of how to get together now."

Sanders says playing board games is tougher in this climate of social distancing, but the group is still able to facilitate role-playing games online.

"Board games are a lot tougher," Sanders said. "A lot of our role-playing gaming has switched to online events, such as either through Google Hangouts... or Zoom meetings."

Board Knight, a board game store in Decatur, has had to shut its doors, but to keep its customers engaged, is soon hosting online Magic card games.

"Players that normally come into the store can actually play with each other online," said Krystle Temple, Board Knight. "So that way, we can still promote the game play, get people together, without having to risk the spread of COVID-19."

If watching movies is your thing is your thing, Netflix has added "Netflix Party", a browser add-on that allows you to stream a movie at the same time as your friends. There's even a text window to chat with each other during your watch party.

And if you want to share your singing voice, some Facebook groups like "Quarantine Dance and Karaoke Party" have formed for you to do just that.

"Make sure that during this time, even though we're practicing social distancing, that we're not practicing social isolation," Tempel said.

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