Guns & Hoses

 It's no secret that there's an undisclosed rivalry between police and firemen.  Well, this weekend, the groups are using cash to determine just which one has more fans, and because it's for charity, they're pulling out all the stops.  They call it The Battle of Guns and Hoses.

Deputy Sheriff Leon Kallenbach has one goal. To get as much money in this bucket as possible.

"I like doing this kind of thing, said Kallenbach"

Raising money for the Salvation Army of Decatur.

"We do it every year," he said.

His strategy? A little entertainment.

"I've got my daughter and her friend here with me.”

Dancing to the jingle of their own bells.

“They're being quite a show."

But Kallenbach isn't the only one fundraising. He's joined by the Decatur Fire Department just a store away.  It's an annual competition that started decades ago.  The Fire Department vs. local law enforcement.  The agency that collects the most money gets bragging rights.

"We won last year," said Fire Captain, Gary Workman.

The Fire Department hopes to win again, using holiday cheer.

"We like to make sure we wish everybody a Merry Christmas.” Said Workman.

And by satisfying your sweet tooth.

“We've got candy canes we hand out," he said.

Deputy Kallenbach has been doing this for 15 years, giving back to a community that has given so much to him.

"My wife is ill,” said Kallenbach.  “Money is a little tight.  My workplace and my church are both taking up collections for us.  They helped us out tremendously.  This is a very very small payback I can do."

Paying it forward, and making a difference.  The Salvation Army hasn't counted the money just yet because the competition isn't over.  The police and firemen will be back out again on Sunday.  The Decatur Fire Department is set up outside of Sam's Club.  The Macon County Sheriff's Office and Decatur Police are outside of the Decatur Wal-Mart north right next door.