DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Health department leaders closed a Popeyes restaurant in Decatur.

A report obtained by WAND-TV showed cockroaches were found crawling on walls. A live roach was found below a prep counter.

Dead roaches were found throughout the kitchen and prep areas.

A Macon County Health Department “Notice of Closure” was on the door of the Pershing Rd. restaurant Thursday night.

The health department told WAND Popeye's failed a re-inspection that happened on Jan. 10.

The restaurant also had not paid a food permit fee, a report states. It said the county considers businesses that do not pay the fee by Jan. 1 as operations without a valid permit. Late fines are assessed for renewal fees paid after Jan. 15.

The restaurant must form a course of action on how they will tackle the issues noted in the report. Then, the health department will schedule another visit and inspection.

Only after they have been cleared by the health department will Popeye's be allowed to reopen.

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