Decatur - Birthday's are always a time for celebration.  Heinkel's Packing Company is celebrating 100 years of business this weekend at the Decatur Celebration. 

It's been a century since Erwin Heinkel's parents first moved from Germany to Decatur.  Hiss father was the founder of Heinkel's Packing Company, Albert Heinkel.

"He went into business for himself.  He had a big grocery store and meat market," says Erwin Heinkel.

To celebrate 100 years in business, Heinkel's will be having a hot dog eating contest, but something you may not know, Heinkel's does much more than just hot dogs.

They do bratwurst, turkey legs, and even polish sausage.

Wes heinkel is a fourth generation manager of Heinkel's packing.  He says the company is always trying to create new foods for people to try.

"I have no problems with people comparing our products to Johnsonville or Oscar Mayer.  Our stuff's better and we put our heart and soul into it," says Wes Heinkel.