Henson Robinson Zoo welcomes new addition

SPRINGFIELD - The Henson Robinson Zoo has welcomed a new addition to their facility, a 10-month-old white-handed gibbon named Jari.

The Springfield-area zoo received Jari from the Jackson Zoo in Jackson, Mississippi.  Jari will join Kimmy, a longtime resident of the Henson Robinson Zoo.  Zoo officials say white-handed gibbons are very social animals, and the match between Kimmy and Jari will fulfill a need for both animals, as Kimmy is an experienced mother while Jari was rejected by her mother.

Officials say Jari and Kimmy will be slowly introduced with the hope that both will eventually be housed together.  Upon arriving, Jari was housed in Kimmy's sight, and each expressed interest in each other.  Both were then transitioned into adjoining enclosures, and can see and touch each other.  In the coming weeks, both will be transitioned into closer contact with the idea of Kimmy becoming a great mom to Jari.

Zoo officials say the pair will be viewable during the zoo's normal operating hours.