DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Community members and city leaders expressed their concern after a rash of shootings happened Monday morning. 

At that time, Decatur police responded to five different shootings in Decatur. Three people were hurt and a 27-year-old man died

"When one individual is harmed by a shooting, when one neighborhood is impacted by a shooting, every neighborhood is impacted by that shooting," said David Horn, Decatur City Council member. 

Councilman Horn said shootings are up 100% this year to date through July compared to 2019. 

"At the end of July there were 70 shootings in the city of Decatur compared to 33 in 2019, and so this is something that is of great concern to the city council, it's a great concern to the citizens." 

Pain2Peace, an organization in Decatur with the goal of connecting with people who live in communities effected by gun violence, said it was saddened to hear of the news of another shooting in Decatur. 

"This is almost like deja vu, here we are again, you know, and we are begging the community to step up and begging the city leaders to step up," said Elijah England of Pain2Peace. 

England said he received calls from concerned neighbors who live near East Walnut, where a deadly shooting happened Monday morning. 

"There were kids at home and in that area and a lot mothers that are watching these kids (who) are terrified - people are worried about their houses, bullets going through their walls," he said. 

The goal of Pain2Peace is to reach out to people who are living in poverty and help them heal. England wants city leaders to help and address the gun violence issue. 

"We're not out here marching to end gun violence," England said. "We are marching to bring awareness to what is happening to our community and we are really hoping we can group everyone together in a force to end this issue in Decatur." 

Pain2Peace has plans to hold fundraisers in the future to assist families who can't afford headstones for their loved ones who passed away. More details will be released on the group's Facebook page. 

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