HOOPESTON, Ill. (WAND) - Hoopeston Area High School is working becoming a trauma-informed school and making sure its students are each taken care of.

One way they're doing this is by providing a food pantry in school for those in need.

Hoopeston Area High School has about 326 students and Principal John Klaber says having lived in the community his whole life, he knows and see's what is needed for his school. He says right now about two-thirds of the Hoopeston district is facing poverty.

"We have a high poverty district and we have a lot of kids who are in need," Klaber said.

He says during the holidays, the school provided lunch bags for all students and that was when they realized this needed to be done every day and not just during the holidays.

"It's easy for a young kid to say I'm hungry or I didn't eat. A lot of times older high school kids won't do that ... sometimes there's pride or maybe they're ashamed or what have you," he said.

He says he's received donations from First Church of God, staff and the Dwelling Place in Danville.

"Hoopeston has changed over the years. It's not booming industry town as it was when I was little. We have a lot of kids in need," he added.

Klaber says food, personal hygiene products and clothing are available to all students during school hours. They are welcome to take as much as they want and even for the weekend as long as the supply is there. They plan to restock the pantry every day. He says students are welcome to give it to those who need it as well.

Hoopeston Middle School will now officially be given access to the supply as well.