I-TEAM: Seniors Receive Tips On Scams

Danville – From phony IRS calls, to fake contacts from people claiming to be with the Social Security Administration, senior citizens are increasingly the victims of scams.

“I would say there’s a special place in hell for people who would pray on seniors,” State Senator Scott Bennett, (D) Champaign, told WAND I-TEAM reporter Doug Wolfe.  “It’s the flip side of all the technology we enjoy.  The computers, the Facebook, all those things.  What it also means is people can get all kinds of information which they can use to further their scam along.”

Bennett held workshops in Rantoul, Danville and Champaign to provide seniors with tips as to what to look out for.  Some of those seniors have been targets or potential victims.

Donna Haluska of Westville received a call from an individual posing as an IRS agent demanding money.

“You owe us like, it was an ungodly amount, thousands,” Donna said the fake agent told her.  Donna realized the call was a scam and did not send money.

The IRS will never call to demand money.  They will never send local police or the sheriff to come and arrest you.  And, they will not file a lawsuit against you the day they contact you. 

The goal of scammers is to separate the senior from their life savings by making threats.

(Pictured: Seniors attending a workshop on scams in Danville on August 24, 2016) 

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