SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - Illinois State Police and the Illinois Department of Transportation have partnered with Lyft to offer free ride credits in Sangamon County.

From Wednesday, Nov. 27, through New Year's Day, $20 in Lyft credits will be available to provide safe rides in Sangamon County during the evening and overnight hours, when most impaired drivers are on the road.

"We are thrilled to team up with our safety partners and Lyft to offer revelers a sober way home in Sangamon County this holiday season," said Cynthia Watters, Bureau Chief of IDOT's Safety Programs and Engineering. "By providing an easy, accessible way for people to get home safely after having one too many, this innovative partnership will help save lives."

This is the second year in a row that Illinois has received a grant from Governors Highway Safety Association and Lyft to encourage drivers to get a sober ride. This year, IDOT was awarded $20,000 for the distribution of $20 ride credits via social media in Sangamon County.

"There are many activities to get out and celebrate during the holidays in Sangamon County, including personal celebrations with family, friends and coworkers," said Elliot Darvick, Midwest Regional Director for Lyft. "It's our goal to make sure everyone enjoys the festivities stress-free and arrives home with an affordable, responsible ride."

A link to access the credits will be distributed via the Twitter and Facebook accounts of IDOT, the Illinois State Police, Springfield Police Department and Sangamon County Sheriff's Office, as well as other Sangamon County law enforcement agencies, including the Auburn Police Department, Chatham Police Department, Grandview Police Department, Leland Grove Police Department, Rochester Police Department and Southern View Police Department.

Drivers should follow or "friend" at least one of the below agencies and watch their feed to access the credits.


• Illinois Department of Transportation – @IDOT_Illinois

• Illinois State Police – @ILStatePolice

• Illinois State Police, District 9 – @ISPDistrict9

• Sangamon County Sheriff's Office – @Sang_Sheriff

• Springfield Police Department – @Spfld_IL_Police

• Rochester Police Department – @Rochester_IL_PD


• Illinois Department of Transportation – Facebook.com/IllinoisDepartmentofTransportation/

• Illinois State Police, District 9 – Facebook.com/IllinoisStatePoliceDistrict9/

• Chatham Police Department – Facebook.com/Chatham-Police-Department-193529183999166/

• Grandview Police Department – Facebook.com/grandviewpolice

• Leland Grove Police Department – Facebook.com/leland.grove

The code will be valid from Wednesday through Jan. 1, during the hours of 3 p.m. and 6 a.m., in Sangamon County and just a few miles outside its borders.

Use of the credits is limited to the first 1,000 redemptions or when a total of $20,000 in ride costs have been expended. Possession of the ride code does not guarantee availability of the credit.

You must have the Lyft app and download the code to receive the $20 ride credit.

"Holidays are a time of celebration with family and friends," said Illinois State Police District 9 Commander J.W. Price. "We want you to enjoy your time with loved ones and return to your families. No one should ever suffer the tragedy of losing someone due to impaired driving. Designate a sober driver, volunteer to be the sober driver or take advantage of this great offer and allow Lyft to do the driving."