SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - Eight life-saving addiction programs in the state received awards from the national Addiction Policy Forum.

Executive Vice President Kimberly Clapp says the nonprofit group is traveling to the states that are most impacted by opioid addiction. Illinois is one of them.

"We wanted to have this event in the land of Lincoln, where a lot of people are enslaved by addiction," Clapp said.

The group gave awards to two central Illinois addiction programs.

"One is Operation Snowball, an incredible prevention program for kids," Clapp said. "Another one is Moms and Babies, and this is a super-important program based in Decatur."

The event also gave family members the chance to share their experience of losing a loved one to addiction.

Sue Tisdale lost her son to an overdose in 2015.

"I know in the state of Illinois, in 2018, we had over 2,400 deaths to overdose," Tisdale said. "Illinois is one of 16 states where people die more of overdoses than car accidents or gun related deaths."

Tisdale says she wants to share her story, so other families struggling with the same issues know there is help out there.

"Silence is deadly, and it's not going to help you move on," she said.