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EFFINGHAM, Ill. (WAND) - An Elkhart, Indiana woman was arrested and charged after she gave a suspicious package to a bank teller. 

Police were called to the Firth Third Bank on Thursday around 1:53 p.m. after Diana L. Keen gave a package to a bank teller while acting suspiciously. Keen left the bank without identifying herself. 

Officers were able to take Keen in for questioning. 

The bank evacuated the building and officers blocked off the area. Bomb technicians x-rayed the package and found no harmful materials inside the package or around the area. 

Keen was arrested for disorderly conduct and false alarm. 

Effingham Police Chief, Jason McFarland praised everyone involved for their quick action. 

“Employees immediately called police, which allowed our officers to locate the suspect within minutes of notification. Because of the serious, unique nature of the threat, additional resources were called in to assist in the investigation. Excellent teamwork was displayed by all the agencies working together for the common goal of mitigating the situation and eliminating any potential harm to

citizens. We are confident this individual was acting alone, and do not believe there are any additional threats to the community associated with this incident.”