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CHICAGO (WAND)- The Illinois State Police joined the Illinois National Association for Advancement for Colored People (NAACP) and the Illinois Association of the Chiefs of Police in adopting the “Ten Shared Principles.”

ISP Director Brendan Kelly said "“The principles that the Illinois State Police share with the NAACP are the values that all good people who act in good faith share with one another," said ISP Director Brendan Kelly. "At the heart of these values is the trust that is essential to good policing, safe communities and a just nation.”

On March 22, 2018, the NAACP Illinois State Conference and the Illinois Association of the Chiefs of Police agreed to share a set of principles designed to build mutual trust between law enforcement and the community. The principles can be viewed here

ISP leadership has already taken steps to live out the principles in the agency. It said steps include: 

  • Ongoing quarterly training for Troopers to reinforce that every person should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Adding training to include de-escalation techniques to peacefully resolve situations that are dangerous to both the community and law enforcement.
  • Appointing the most diverse command staff in ISP history with men and women from varied backgrounds and communities with seven of fourteen in top command from minority backgrounds. These Colonels and Lt. Colonels possess more than a century of collective law enforcement experience that will bring the agency into the future.
  • Building a diverse agency by actively recruiting cadets from different backgrounds and ethnic groups to attend the ISP Academy and grow into leaders within the agency.
  • Developing a duty to intervene policy in accordance with federal law.
  • Maintaining a robust and evolving wellness program focusing on Officer mental health after repeated exposed to trauma to maintain and strengthen empathy, good judgment and 21st Century policing skills.

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