DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) — If you need a food bank, a homeless shelter or mental health help, Michael Kehoe has an app for that.

"I've always been interested in ways to use my technical skills as an engineer to give back," Kehoe said. "I stumbled upon an opportunity to make it easier for people to connect to resources."

Central Illinois shaped Kehoe. He graduated from St. Teresa and attended the University of Illinois.

Now he wants to give back to the community that give him so much.

His app, Johego (pronounced: jo-HEE-go), is fun to say — but it's mission is serious. In the past, connecting people to the resources they need required time, research and connections. But with Johego, the user only has to type in what service he or she is looking for and set the search radius to how far a person is willing to travel for such service.

Kehoe's fundraising pitch is built on the apps success in parts of Missouri and the need for first responders, social workers and educators to connect.

"We know there are a lot of supports out in the community but we don't always know what's available," said Mary Ann Schloz, principal at Stevenson Elementary in Decatur.

The app isn't available in central Illinois just yet. But Kehoe says it could be available soon if fundraising efforts go well.

"We're really trying to raise as much as we can — not just funds, but awareness for what we're doing," Kehoe said.

If you would like to donate to Johego, click here.