KINCAID, Ill. (WAND) - While Kincaid village leaders were looking to hire a police chief, its only police officer announced on Facebook she's leaving in two weeks.

The former chief, Dwayne Wheeler, recently moved to work at the Taylorville Police Department. Jody Groves, the patrolwoman who is leaving, told WAND News she's moving to another village. 

The two were described as people who were invested in the community. Clara Parish expressed a lack of contentment when word got around. 

"That's a shame ... and how quick can we get another cop down here?" Parish said. 

Since Groves is expected to leave, the future of the volunteer-based Safe Passage program is uncertain. David Oller, the village president, said there has been conflict within the board to keep it. 

Parish said the village needs police support. Even though it's a small community, "there's a lot of stuff going on." 

"They [Groves and Wheeler] made you feel like they're part of the family," Parish said. 

David Oller told WAND News there are plans to have a part-time officer by the end of August.

This story is expected to be updated.