DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) — Stitch by stitch, Debbie Roberts weaves comfort for kids in Macon County.

"The whole idea is to provide nice things for people who may not otherwise have them," she said.

With the help from her friends at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church and the Stitches of Love ministry, they're spreading love — and a love of knitting — with a hook and loom.

"Even I could do it and I'm not skilled when it comes to crafting," said church pastor and fellow knitter Brett Hinrichs. "There are so many hours they put into these labors of love for these kids. It's awesome."

Hinrichs has only been at Mount Calvary for a year and a half. But in that short amount of time, he's seen firsthand the work Stitches of Love can do.

The group has produced a few hundred hats this year alone. Each hat goes to a student at low-income school.

The thank you notes have poured in. But Roberts, Hinrichs and others don't do this for the kudos. For them, it's all about faith and fellowship.

"We celebrate each other's joys," Roberts said. "We sorrow with each other if there's a problem. We admire each other's work because everybody has their own talent."