HB 3550

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - More than three dozen lawmakers across the state want to widen the meaning of consent in Illinois sex-education classes. That change would be for students in grades sixth through twelfth. Chicago representative Ann Williams sponsors the bill. Brennan Bandy, who works with Growing Strong in Decatur, said the lessons of consent would be taught year-after-year. 

"We're going to see more informed decisions, both male and female," Bandy said. 

Illinois law doesn't show a direct definition of consent and with House Bill 3550, that could change. The bill adds that a person's sexual history, how they dress and lack of resistance does not mean consent. The synopsis shows that consent can be taken back anytime. 

"If we have people knowing what consent is, there is going to be less of those needing treatment or reporting to police," Bandy said. 

Bandy also mentioned how this bill would help educate students to make better choices.