SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND)- Lawmakers have introduced several bills to help those affected by tornadoes December 1.

One of those bills would give a tax credit to those who sustained damage.

“Anybody who incurred damage up to a certain amount could deduct the cost of that repair from their state income taxes,” said Sen. Andy Manar. “It  doesn’t erase what happened December 1. It certainly shows that every small bit helps.”

A second measure would give the City of Taylorville $250,000 to cover recovery costs.

“When a natural disaster happens, especially in a small community where there’s not the capacity to raise funds to take care of, in this case, hundreds of thousands of dollars of disposal costs of trees and homes and limbs, we need to get back to a norm in Illinois where the Illinois Emergency Management Agency has the financial resources to help out places like Taylorville,” Manar said.

A third measure, introduced by State Rep. Avery Bourne, would expand access to homestead exemptions for people affected by natural disasters. The goal is to prevent property tax spikes as neighborhoods rebuild from disasters.