SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - Three state lawmakers, including Senator Omar Aquino, Senator Ann Gillespie and Representative Emanuel Welch, introduced a series of proposals aimed at higher education.

These bills would close college attainment gaps, make college more affordable and expand access to mental health treatment.

The proposals being supported at a Thursday rally include increased funding for MAP grants, which support low-income students pursuing a higher education.

House Bill 2961 would provide state financial aid to more students in Illinois, including undocumented students and transgender students who cannot register for selective services.

House Bill 2152 supports students seeking mental health treatment by expanding resources for on-and-off campus services at universities, and Senate Bill 2024 creates funding that could support apprenticeships.

The rally also featured college students who have been impacted by these issues.

Moon Goldstein says the debt she faces is astronomical.

"The cost of education in Illinois is not affordable for most students, and the disinvestment in MAP grants has caused a lot of students to move out of Illinois for higher education," she said.

Advocates were asking the government for $100 million to fund MAP grants.