RANTOUL, Ill. (WAND) - In just two months, the Rantoul Police Department has made in arrests in two shootings with help from license plate reader cameras.

"One was on the 4th of July where we had five people shot, cameras were vital in identifying the vehicle involved which led to arrests. Then just recently we had another shooting incident that we were able to use the cameras for identifying the suspect vehicle and that ultimately lead to four arrests in that case," said Deputy Chief Rodney Sullivan.

After the success Rantoul has seen, Sullivan said he would recommend the Flock cameras to other departments.

"We're probably one of the highest one of the best advertisers for it right now because they have proven successful and I would recommend that any agency who has similar issues to take a look and at least pursue them because they are a valuable tool," he said. 

Throughout Rantoul, there are 10 cameras installed to track license plates. In the coming months, two more will be installed to continue to help solve crime and hopefully stop it completely. 

"Hopefully they continue to be successful," Sullivan said. "Ultimately, if they are a deterrent, if people know that they are here and that they will lead to their capture and them being held accountable for crimes and they choose not to do their stuff here."

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