Lincoln Banners

LINCOLN, Ill. (WAND) - Every time Carrie Pethy drives past the Logan County Circuit Court, her daughter is seen smiling as she passes by. A special feeling she and many other Lincoln military families can cherish together.

"Its a great sensation," Pethy said. "She's still with me. That's my daughter - I'm so proud of her."

Pethy is the reason why Lincoln honored its hometown heroes with pictured banners.

She credited a Facebook group for Air Force mothers. The city's rotary club helped make it happen. Plus, the donations from sponsors and a huge grant from its rotary district. Kirby Rodgers, the club's president, said they raised over $4,400.

It was enough to set up 38 banners. The original plan was to have 25.

It's a great honor, Rodgers said. "Some of the people on these banners I've known. Some are deceased and I've known them from the rotary club."

The Rotary Club said the banners will stay up for a year and it'll be rotated out. Each banner will be given to the sponsors for them to keep.