SANGAMON COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) - Midwest Mission is a non-profit organization, specializing in disaster and humanitarian aid relief.

Director, Chantel Corrie, says they help people not only in the Midwest, but all over the world.

"We focus on disasters in the Midwest and internationally, with out partners in Latin America, the Caribbean and South America," Corrie says. "Right now, I think everybody is looking to re-route their supplies, so nobody is holding on to things that somebody else could be needing."

Corrie says when she learned the local fire departments didn't have enough masks, she made it her mission to help.

"N-95 masks are the masks that are really needed in the hospital," Corrie says. "We had these, because we do tornado and  flood kits, so those masks were in there to help people in those situations."

Midwest Mission donated 1,000 N-95 masks to Sangamon and Menard County Firefighters.

The fire chief for the Sherman Fire Protection District, Todd Masterhand, says the masks are crucial to help protect people on the front lines.

"The fire departments are running first response EMS, most of them, so we are going to be the first person, essentially, who comes in contact with a person who may have COVID-19," Masterhand says.

According to Masterhand, departments have been trying to get masks for weeks.

"We've been trying for two or three weeks to obtain personal protective equipment for some of the smaller districts," Masterhand says. "They have limited budgets, and they also have limited storage space. Most of them can't afford to go out and purchase cases of masks, cases of gowns, cleaning supplies, bleach, wipes that stuff."

Masterhand says he hopes the efforts don't stop here, because departments around the world are leaning on the community to donate any extra products they can.

"I encourage any one in the community, that has extra cleaning products, extra sanitizers, masks; that they stop by their local fire district and donate those items," Masterhand says.

Midwest Mission is also encouraging people to make masks at home. The organization will cut the fabric and people can get the supplies by curbside pickup. Anyone can put in a request on their website.