CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) - It's every parents worst nightmare: finding out a son or daughter has been injured during a night of fun that ended in a dark twist.

Nicholas Dickerson is from Mackinaw and wanted to enjoy a fun night in Champaign. He decided to go out drinking at the Red Lions Pub by 211 E. Green Street.

"He just wanted to go out with his friends ... a couple of Army friends," said his father, Jeff Dickerson.

Dickerson said he was attacked in the parking lot area behind Red Lions and does not remember who his attacker(s) are.

Now, his father is wondering why his son was a target. He said Nicholas is currently a combat medic. He eventually wants to be an EMT. He's never caused harm to anyone.

"It just hurts knowing that someone can do that and not even care," said his sister, Mckenzie Dickerson.

Dickerson received several fractures on his cheek, eye socket and cheekbone, and part of his jaw was cracked.

Champaign police are investigating the battery and are asking anyone with any information or surveillance footage to contact them immediately.

WAND is also working on learning more details about the police report.