Man Accused of Beating Infant

DECATUR – A Decatur man is being held on charges of aggravated battery to a child after he admitted, in a police sworn statement, to throwing his 3 ½ month old son into a bathtub.

Anibal Rodriguez, 24,is being held on $1,000,000 surety bond.


The child was brought into Decatur Memorial Hospital Tuesday with a depressed skull fracture and broken ribs. The child was transferred to Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana.


According to the police sworn statement, medical personnel told detectives the child showed “multiple broken bones at various stages of healing,” in addition to bleeding and swelling in his brain.


Police located Rodriguez, who was found to have an outstanding warrant, and transported him to Decatur Police Headquarters to be interviewed.

Rodriguez told police that he was about to give his son a bath when dropped the child in the bathtub. When he reached down to pick up his son, he said the child would not stop crying.

As a result, Rodriguez told police he “lost it” and threw the child into the bathtub.

Rodriguez also told police, according to the police sworn statement, that he was sure he was responsible for the child's other broken bones because he claims the mother never disciplines the children.