CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) - Police found cocaine and cannabis in a man's vehicle after pulling him over for driving without headlights.

Champaign County Assistant State's Attorney Peter Su said around 8:45 P.M., a Parkland police officer saw a car traveling east on Bradley Avenue without headlights.

When the officer stopped the car he immediately smelled cannabis. The passenger admitted to smoking a blunt and tossing it out the window when pulled over. 

The officer searched the car and found a bag under the driver's seat that contained more than $3,500 cash and also foreign currency.

In the car was a glass container with 35 grams of cannabis, and 15 smaller bags containing a substance suspected to be crack cocaine totalling more than an ounce. 

Police arrested the driver of the car Christian Martinez, 24, who is listed as a Champaign address.

Judge Tom Difanis set his bond at $25,000 and told him to appear in court Monday for formal charges.