(WAND) - Doctors say using marijuana while on heart medication could have risks, according to a review published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Marijuana could interact with common heart medications, including blood thinners and strains. Using marijuana while on these medications could change how it works in your body, according to doctors.

According to NBC News, the liver enzymes that break down strains or blood thinners also break down the compounds of marijuana. Which could change the potency of the medications.

Doctors say those who are high risk patients, such as those who have had a heart attack should be advised not to use marijuana or limit the amount used.

Others say marijuana might not always be bad if it’s used as medical marijuana.

“Anytime someone says that they were able to get eight hours of peaceful sleep because they used a little bit of marijuana, their cardiovascular health will likely be better off with the use of marijuana,” said Dr. Sergio Fazio, a professor of cardiovascular medicine at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland.. “When you move to the purely recreational use, that’s where the risks associated with heart problems potentially outweigh the benefits.”