DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Voters in Decatur will no longer have an advisory referendum on the April ballot about marijuana sales. 

The Municipal Officers Electoral Board held a hearing Thursday after an objection was filed for the referendum. The board ruled the petition did not have enough votes and some of the signatures on the petition to have the referendum weren't Decatur residents. 

On January 5th, the City of Decatur announced an advisory referendum would be on the ballot asking voters, “should the city of Decatur allow the sale of recreational cannabis and cannabis-infused products to adults 21 and older?." The advisory was made possible after a petition was filed with the city clerk. 

Decatur citizen Jerrold H. Stocks filed the objection on Jan. 7. 

Stocks argued in the objection that the petition for the referendum, which asks if Decatur should allow the sale of recreational cannabis and cannabis-infused products, fell at least 600 signatures short of what is required for a petition to be filed. He claims the petition by law must have 1,529 signatures when only 928 voters put their names on it. 

Stocks also claimed multiple voters on the petition either don't live in Decatur or had voter information with an incomplete or missing address. 


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