DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Decatur city leaders have voted to approve a mask mandate ordinance. 

The 5-2 vote approved an ordinance that requires the public to wear face coverings in order to "protect the health, safety and welfare of the persons within the city." It requires all people involved in an activity outside of their home to have on face coverings "while other persons are present." Masks must cover the mouth and nose. 

The two "no" votes came from Bill Faber and Rodney "Sky" Walker.

The ordinance was approved with an amendment that cuts fines in half for individuals and not businesses. The scale of fines for businesses will be in four tiers, including: 

  • First Offense: Fifty Dollars ($50.00)
  • Second Offense: One Hundred Dollars ($100.00)
  • Third Offense: Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00)
  • Fourth and Each Subsequent Offense: Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00)

The ordinance sets up the following situational requirements for masks: 

  • (1) Shopping or working at retail businesses;
  • (2) Picking up food from a drive through restaurant or food establishment or curbside
  • pickup from a restaurant or food establishment;
  • (3) Visiting a health care provider;
  • (4) Traveling on public transportation, taxis or rideshares;
  • (5) Interacting with customers, clients, patients, coworkers or any other person at a
  • place of business or worship that is open to the general public;
  • (6) Performing services for state and local government agencies, where close
  • interactions with other people are unavoidable;
  • (7) When feeling sick, coughing or sneezing or otherwise ill.

It also sets up the following exceptions: 

  • (1) For children under two years of age;
  • (2) When engaged in physical activity such as walking or running while maintaining
  • social distancing from others of not less than six feet;
  • (3) When alone or with members of the same household;
  • (4) When eating or drinking, whether in public or private.

"A business, store, office, venue, property owner, manager or operator shall monitor those persons entering and remaining in or on their property, business or office and shall refuse admission, service and allowance to remain in or on their property to any individual who fails to wear a face covering, which face covering shall completely cover their mouth and nose, and be reasonably designed and made to inhibit, filter or restrict the passing of a person’s breath, sneeze, cough or other exhaling from one’s nose and mouth," the ordinance said. "Reasonable accommodations must be provided for those with a medical condition or disability that prevents the wearing of face coverings so long as doing so does not cause an undue hardship."

The full ordinance is attached to this story as a PDF document. It begins on page 9. 

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