Teacher jumps into action during Mattoon High School shooting

MATTOON, Ill. (WAND) - "9-1-1. What's your emergency?"

One year ago today, calls poured into the dispatch center from terrified students hiding under desks, staff barricading doors, panicked parents.

There was an active shooter inside the Mattoon High School cafeteria.

"I'm running towards Casey's. They told us to run more," a student told a 911 operator as kids flooded the nearby gas station trying to get away from the school.

"We're in the gym... like, up on the balcony, hiding behind bleachers," another student said.

A mother calls in, her voice breaking. "My, my daughter just called and said they have opened fire at the high school."

One student was shot.

The accused shooter was only 14 years old at the time.

WAND does not identify him, due to him being a minor.

He was subdued in the cafeteria by MHS teacher Angela McQueen.

In the days and weeks that followed, the community rallied around the school. The phrase 'Mattoon Strong' was plastered across every sign. T-shirts were made. Neighboring schools wore green and gold, the school colors of MHS.

In court proceedings since the shooting, it has been revealed the boy was targeting a female student who he said previously called him gay. However, when she failed to show up at lunch, he decided to, "go down shooting."

>>Motive in Mattoon High School shooting revealed in court

A psychiatrist said the teen had a history of mental health problems including hallucinations about killing his mother and past violent outbursts. The psychiatrist stressed he is a "very ill boy," who is in desperate need of extensive mental health treatment.

In July, the teen waived his right to a jury trial.

In August, he admitted to the crime, pleading guilty in juvenile court to aggravated battery with a firearm.

>>Mattoon High School shooter pleads guilty

Sentencing is set for Oct. 11.

If he does not successfully complete the juvenile sentence he receives, the Coles County State's Attorney could then ask the judge to impose the adult sentence. That would mean 30 to 60 years in prison.